18 Reasons Why You Are Out of Balance (And How To Fix That)

Sometimes we forget or don’t know that human beings consist of body, soul, and spirit. We  might not know which parts we need to take care of.  All parts need attention. When some of these are missing, we get out of balance.

Body: covers the physical needs, such as: 

  1. Nutritious food (not fake food, another post about that) 

2. Plenty of liquids (like water and tea, not sugary coffee and Pepsi) .

3. Decent sleep, 

4. Exercise or movement (couch potatoes, beware!) 

5. Outdoor air (saving the grounding concept for another post)

Soul: the mind, will, emotions. 

6. Needs to be motivated (set a goal and try to reach it)

7. Encouraged

8. Can’t be too overwhelmed with information (there is such a thing as too much news or social media)

9. Have proper boundaries with others. 

10. Take mental breaks and let the mind slow down, rest. 

11. Do something creative (for fun, a hobby, a leisure activity) 

12. Do an act of kindness (compassion is powerful)

Spirit: A person’s spirit is the nonphysical part of them that is believed to remain alive after their death

13. Have a clear sense of purpose. 

14. Pray.

15. Spend time in nature. 

16. Ask yourself questions about your deepest beliefs. 

17. Be grateful. 

18. Understand your values and morals.

If you feel out of balance, check if all those are being met. Are there any I’m missing?

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