All About Reflection

What is Reflection? There is another reflection besides the mirror or window one. Reflection: serious thought or consideration. Reflection usually refers to taking a step back and seriously thinking about your life, your choices, behaviors, beliefs, etc. Reflecting prevents you from doing the same thing over and over again. Instead you think about whether doing … Continue reading All About Reflection

18 Reasons Why You Are Out of Balance (And How To Fix That)

Sometimes we forget or don’t know that human beings consist of body, soul, and spirit. We  might not know which parts we need to take care of.  All parts need attention. When some of these are missing, we get out of balance. Body: covers the physical needs, such as:  Nutritious food (not fake food, another post about … Continue reading 18 Reasons Why You Are Out of Balance (And How To Fix That)

What is a Teachable Parent?

First of all, what is a parent?  The person who is taking care of the child’s health and safety, Preparing the child for life as a productive adult, and Communicating or transferring personal/cultural values.  The hardest part of parenting?  There is no set instruction manual when you get the baby! So what do we end up doing? … Continue reading What is a Teachable Parent?


  Before I dive in, I want to make an example about cookbooks because it makes so much sense to me. Imagine somebody comes to you and tells you they want to start cooking at home. Since you love cooking, which cookbook would you recommend? You immediately recommend your Italian cookbook because you love pizza, … Continue reading HOMESCHOOLING STYLES AND HOW TO CHOOSE ONE